Hance’s Wedding Weekend!

One of Vadim & I’s best couple friends  just got married this past Saturday in Dallas! Hannah & Lance VILLIO:) It’s so exciting to finally truly call it what it is….Hance. It’s like Brangelina or Bennifer, only ten times better because it’s them, and they are two of the best people we know! The weekend was absolutely perfect. Totally them, totally fun.

We flew into Dallas Friday morning where the festivities began immediately with Vadim dropping me off at the bridal luncheon. Talk about the perfect welcome to Texas! I felt a little bad because Vadim & I were both starving, and I got to walk into a kitchen full of amazing food AND amazing women! Most of the the girls there I’d met at Hannah’s bachelorette weekend back in February, so it felt like I was getting to see all of MY college friends again (even though I didn’t go to Auburn). There was a little break between the luncheon and rehearsal, so we all went back to the hotel & napped & chilled. Rehearsal & Rehearsal dinner were fanatastic. La Hacienda Cantina…heck yes Mexican food! Anticipation for the big day was so apparent as Hannah & Lance (and everyone else for that matter) were nothing but smiles. Rehearsal dinners are just the best. Being surrounded by those closest to the bride & groom & hearing about why everyone loves them so much & how much they mean to them just warms the heart & just makes like good! So life was good Friday night, and all weekend for that matter:)

Saturday: WEDDING DAY!

As gifts, Hannah got all us girls monogrammed button down shirts. I never in my LIFE thought I would own anything monogrammed…it’s a southern thing…and now I guess I’m on the bandwagon. lol We went to the Flora’s for brunch where the girls chowed down on yummy grub. I love the Auburn13 girls. they can eat. and so can I. There was no making sure the girls/bride were eating on the wedding day. Instead it was deciding who was gonna do a Chick-fil-A run an hour after breakfast! (thanks Ivy & LeighAnn!) The girls then parted ways to start getting ready for the wedding to be at the church by 4:15pm for pictures (7pm wedding start time). Riding back to the hotel with Abbi, Lance’s sister, I randomly said, “hey would you want to see if we can get blow outs for the wedding?” she was all on board! Then started the process of searching for salons near us (thank you iPhone) and calling them to see if they could take two girls for blowouts, um, NOW. haha New York side coming out just a little bit…we found a place! And after the blow out they curled our hair for us too…Texans are so nice:) As we headed back to the hotel to pick up Abbi’s dress I asked if she wanted to maybe find a Sephora to get our eyes done-yep true New Yorker I’m telling ya;) So we DID, and made it to the church by 4:15 on the dot. Done & done!

Hannah was stunning. When she put her dress on, all of us girls were just gawking at how gorgeous she was! Wedding time came so soon, and before we knew it they were kissing and we were headed to the reception! The reception was a BLAST. Zach Williams played with his band and they rocked it! Normally live bands at wedding are…eh…, but they were AMAZING. After Hannah & Lance left via a sparkler exit, the iPod came on with some fantastic jams & we continued to dance the night away…til they kicked us out. Sunday morning welcomed us with the best memories of the weekend. Vadim & agreed that that wedding was one of the best we’ve been to. I loved every minute. We love Hannah & Lance Villio so very much & are pumped that we get to live life with them.

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