my best friend got married.

so “best friend” is a wordage (sp?) a lot of girls over use. we have lots of “best friends”. Especially for ever season in your life. You have your high school best friend(s). Then your college best friend(s). And then your post college real world best friend(s). The numbers can really add up. Which is great, because it’s wonderful to be surrounded by love encouragement and support. I know I treasure each and every season of best friends I’ve had. About a month ago my very oldest best friend got married. Her and I have been living 1500 miles apart for over 10 years. But because she was my very first best friend, she’s remained. No matter what. to be my very best. We’re like sisters, so it KILLED me not to be able to have more involvement in planning her big day (although her Pinterest boards were more than detailed… haha)

Her weekend was! Country, BBQ, family and friends…Vadim & I eat all that up. Especially the BBQ. It was AMAZING! It was so wonderful to be a part of helping out the day before/day of & day after.Of course it rained part of the weekend as it always and only seems to do when Vadim and I go down to Texas for a wedding…but God is so good and cool, to have the rain stop right before the wedding started (which was outside at a beautiful ranch) and the sun come out and shine down right on us. AND only to have a HUGE storm come through about half an hour after the wedding was over. Which was perfect again, because the reception was indoors. So so cool to witness God’s perfect timing.

Everything went flawlessly. It was such a special, beautiful day and weekend. Cameron was so beautiful. I got to say a speech that made her cry. Vadim says that means it was a good one:) And I got to be with my oldest best friend as she became a married woman. The weekend was filled with 1am Wal-Mart runs, lots of laughs, lots and lots of dancing, and the best company ever. I believe if I could I’d do it all over again:)

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